Asparagus India Sales of Organic cotton & Spices

Online shopping of authentic Indian Ayurvastra, Khadi, Kalamkari, Organic cotton, Handloom & Spices.
We use two different dying methods for organic cotton fabric. Our plain dyed fabric is produced using the Ayurvastra method. This uses herb to colour the fabric. Our patterned fabric is hand block printed using Kalamkari technique. We ship our products all over the Globe.

Asparagras has become a thriving business for the discerning customer, offering bespoke garments,  produced from an excellent range of hand dyed and hand woven fabrics.  On site is a master tailor who can adapt and inturpret your personal designs and requirements. The quality of which is second to none.

In addition to the superb range of fabrics there is a growing selection of high quality handicrafts all of which are manufactured locally and helping to support the local rural economy. Kerala is the jewel in the crown of India. Here you can buy exotic aromatic spices, amazing hand woven fabrics in silk, cotton and linen,  including Khadi fabrics. Keralas fine workmanship is reflected in the beautifully carved handicrafts etc. For the discerning customer Kerala is a dream destination for shopping.